About Us

Melton (ShenZhen) Biomedical Technology Company Limited, founded in early 2021, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and biomedical application transformation in the field of life sciences. Melton's head office is located at Qianhai Excellent Financial Center (Phase I), Shenzhen City, China.  Melton is committed to the R&D and production of gene vectors and our core technology is the production of recombinant Sendai virus (SeV) vectors and its applications with our own copyright research technolgy (China Patent ZL 202010313056.8).

Melton's research team has developed the induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) reprogramming kits (MeltonVEC™) which possess high transduction efficiency as the virus needs to be applied only once and the transduction will complete the whole mRNA mediated reprogramming. The kit is an ideal system for reprogramming blood cells as well as many other cell types. The kit also has the advangtge of rapid clearance as SeV is a non-integrating virus that only remains only in the cell cytoplasm without the risks of host genome integration. Melton can also offer other SeV packaging services as requested such autophagic flux tool used in cancer research, CRISPR gene editing tool, and non-coding RNA research.

(Melton is headquartered in the Qianhai Excellent Financial Center (Phase I), Shenzhen City, China)

(Melton recombinant Sendai virus vector research and development in BSL-2 laboratory)

Melton's Vision

Melton's vision ish to transform our self-developed technology into advanced products for the benefit of the world.