About recombinant Sendai virus vectors
Sendai virus has various natural advantages, including non-integrability, extremely high production titer, extremely high transgenic expression performance, significant target cell breadth, and no potential pathogenicity to humans.
We are committed to promoting our unique research and development of recombinant Sendai virus vector technology to the world, including virus transformation into different types of products, and providing customized carrier packaging services for scientific research institutions and biopharmaceutical enterprises.
About Us
Melton (Shenzhen) Biomedical Technology Company Limited makes use of the latest cutting-edge technologies in the field of life sciences to develop its core technology of the recombinant Sendai virus vectors, which have the advantages of ultra-high transfection efficiency and safety without integrating its genetic material into human chromosomes.

Melton's Mission
Our mission is committed to promoting recombinant Sendai virus vector technology to the world and contributing to the global healthcare sector.